Additional provision for children

Provision of nutritional food


Increased physical activity opportunity

We provide breakfast, lunchtime and after-school clubs with the aim being to ensure children of all ages are given the best possible opportunity to experience a healthy, positive and constructive day. Activities involving agility, balance and co-ordination are delivered by our coaches, with the potential for healthy food provision.

Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club helps children to kickstart their day in a positive manner with fun activities and a healthy breakfast. This is all designed to engage the children through games involving agility, balance and co-ordination, helping them prepare their brain for the school day. Once the games have finished, breakfast is supplied to every child, giving them the best possible start to their day.

Lunch Club

Lunch clubs are the perfect opportunity to work with learners, focusing on their nutrition and physical activity routines. Lunch clubs unobtrusively slot into the school day and allow our staff to deliver in an environment that may be more suited to certain learners. This is a prime opportunity for learners to engage, more seemingly on their terms, in positive eating and exercise habits with professional staff.

After-School Club

Children of all abilities and ages are welcome to our After-school Club, with all aspects of rugby covered within each session, for example passing, catching, footwork, spatial awareness, communication and decision-making. This is a great way for children to finish the school day in a healthy and positive way.


“We have been working with Community Group overseeing Richmond Rugby’s Community Programme since 2018. They have run before and after school Tag rugby clubs, which always sell out each term – we even run a waiting list, as they are so popular! Dom and his team are always reliable and all of our children from Year 1 to 6 love their rugby sessions. We look forward to working with them long into the future and having a Barnes Primary School community day at the club later this season”

Tom Pashley PE Lead – Barnes Primary School



Fylde Rugby Community Foundation was able to help children kickstart their day in a positive manner during the pandemic.

In partnership with The Boathouse Youth, which works with children and young people in Blackpool, a free Breakfast Club was set up at the charity’s two sites – Grange Park and Bloomfield.

From 7:30am-8:30am across Monday-Friday, children were able to attend in


bubbles of 15 and begin their day with fun games and a healthy breakfast.

With a Community Coach and two people from the charity in attendance, we were able to provide quality coaching and support all with the aim of ensuring the children were mentally prepared for school.

The Breakfast Club was funded by the National Lottery Community Fund for an initial 12-week program.


Fylde Rugby Community Foundation’s Head of Community Coaching, Phill Mills explained: “The reason we did this was to set the children up for the day. The sessions were designed to engage the children through a range of fun games involving agility, balance and co-ordination – a great way to prepare the brain ready for school. Once finished, we then supplied breakfast to each child to enable them to have the best possible start to the day.”


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