Chinnor RFC Thame Head of Community, Matt Goode writes his second blog for Community Group

Even though the pandemic has restricted what we are able to do, we have not allowed it to prevent the last couple of months from being very productive.

Since my last update, the Community Department at Chinnor RFC Thame has been extremely busy and we feel like we have made progress.


You may remember our ‘Race Around The World’ challenge in July. Partnering with Powerhouse Performance Club who use the facilities at Chinnor, we wanted to keep our members engaged with the club and remaining active. The challenge was designed to give them a purpose to stay fit and healthy, and we were delighted to see more than 200 people between the ages of 6-70 participating and covering an amazing 30,000km over the course of five weeks. We finished off the challenge with a Quiz & Awards Night at the club and it was great to be able to come together like that during what is a very tough period.


One of our focuses as a Community Department is to ensure the Minis & Juniors have a great club experience. We have played an active part in the club’s new chapter, reinforcing and strengthening a ‘one club’ culture. Working alongside the board and club officials across all age groups, we have taken this time to look at all aspects of the club to ensure we are stronger together.


On that note, our August Skills Camps were unbelievable! While being COVID-19 compliant, we coached just under 200 players in two weeks and the buzz around the camps was one of best I have been involved in. Throughout this period, we have asked for and listened to feedback from our parents and players. We will continue to do this to develop our camps and, more importantly, the enjoyment of the children attending. We have implemented the Chinnor Challenge which involves kick, pass and agility exercises, with all participants taking home a signed certificate. We are also excited to announce we will be running a Girls Skills Camp for the first time as part of our offering in October half-term.

Walking Rugby

Walking Rugby has officially kicked off at Chinnor RFC Thame. Having received funding from the National Lottery at the beginning of March, we felt confident that we had all precautions in place to allow us to finally start running sessions last Friday. Everyone who took part really enjoyed it and we are looking forward to seeing Walking Rugby become a popular and permanent fixture in our community rugby offering.


We have received COVID-19 resilience funds from the National Lottery and Oxfordshire Community Trust. This has allowed us to work with targeted young people who have been affected by COVID-19. Our programme has looked at mental health and wellbeing, confidence and behaviour strategies. This is a challenging but rewarding programme that makes a huge difference to young people’s lives. In addition, we are also now back in 50 per cent of our schools and looking forward to being back to 100 per cent within the next few months.

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