Fylde Rugby Community Foundation’s Head of Community Coaching, Phill Mills pens his first blog for Community Group

Since our launch in September, we have been very busy at Fylde Rugby Community Foundation, with a lot of projects already started or in the pipeline to begin very soon. At the Foundation, we are looking at building on our motto of ‘Rugby for All’ to make the sport of rugby accessible to everyone in the Wyre and Fylde area.

During the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, the community has come together to support each other in hard times. We at Fylde Rugby Community Foundation are looking at ways we can support and assist people in the community through sport.


We are preparing for our first rugby and multi-sport camp as a Foundation next week (October 26-28). This will be a three-day camp that will help develop rugby skills and include fun games. The camp has 58 children booked on already and there is still time for more to attend – you can book your child’s place by clicking HERE. Our coaches include three Fylde RFC first team players as well as a Sale Sharks women’s player, all of whom bring a wealth of coaching knowledge. There will also be a lot of prizes on offer, including a special prize for the best skill learnt during lockdown.


We currently have two projects under way – Breakfast Clubs for Vulnerable Children and Multi-sport Holiday Camps for Disadvantaged Children.  

Breakfast Clubs

We have just started running Breakfast Clubs, working in partnership with The Boathouse Youth charity. This enables children to get a free nutritious breakfast before school. In addition, they also participate in fun wake-up games and activities, with our quality coaching and support helping to ensure they are mentally prepared for the school day. We are currently delivering this at two Boathouse Youth sites in Blackpool with bubbles of up to 15 children each morning.

Multi-Sport Holiday Camps for Disadvantaged Children

This project is designed to give children who would otherwise be unable to go to our camps due to financial reasons, the opportunity to attend. This is a very important project in the context of COVID-19, with disadvantaged children likely to have suffered the effects of isolation more than others. This project is designed to give them access to sporting activity to boost their mental health, confidence, and prevent them becoming isolated in the future. To find out more, please email community@fylderugbyfoundation.com.

Club Sessions

We held our first session of Rugrat Rugby on Saturday, October 17 at Fylde RFC (9:30-10:30am). This is a pre-school rugby session for ages 3.5 to 5 and includes fun games and activities to improve hand-eye coordination. What’s more, parents can also join in to brush up on their own rugby skills!

If you would like to know more about how Community Group can support your club, please get in touch by clicking HERE.