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The need for togetherness and support has never been more apparent than it is today. Schools and their learners, perhaps more than most, have seen the devastating impact of COVID-19 and are beginning to re-evaluate the meaning of ‘community’ and how they are able to connect, and in some cases re-connect, with their local areas and people.

Schools, regardless of size and status, play a huge role in the support of their communities. By developing sporting, wellbeing and community programmes, schools help to increase people’s

exposure to physically active lifestyles. This in turn helps to support the full range of the physical and mental health benefits we know to be so closely aligned to physical activity.

Our objective is to make a difference in support of our communities. In partnership with schools, we want to give pupils access to sporting opportunities both now and in the future. As well as operating successfully within a challenging and changing sporting arena, we aim to enhance the experience of all our stakeholders including families, communities, partners, staff, and others.

We know only too well how with the right levels of collaboration and support; schools can extend their reach and reap the associated benefits of being an integral part of a thriving community.

We aim to play an important role in improving and engaging lives through the introduction of regular sport and physical activity. We appreciate that schools can face barriers at times and it’s not always easy to see the right step forward. At Community Group, we help schools take those steps forward the right way, helping to build a sustainable future for all.



We provide breakfast, lunchtime and after-school clubs with the aim being to ensure children are given the best possible opportunity to experience a healthy, positive and constructive day. Activities involving agility, balance and co-ordination are delivered by our coaches, with the potential for healthy food provision.

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Schools Coaching

We deliver curriculum coaching provision to schools with varying needs. We cover a full range of rugby coaching, multi-sport delivery and support students with functional movement skills. All of our coaching support is underpinned by the Rugby Football Union’s core values – Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, Sportsmanship.

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Rugby Reading Champions

Working with the National Literacy Trust (NLT), we deliver a literacy intervention programme developed by the charity. Supporting pupils to improve their skill, attitude and behaviour towards reading, the programme involves 60-minute lessons supporting pupils’ comprehension skills, followed by 60 minutes of games. Coaches are trained by the NLT to deliver activities and act as mentors to the children.

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Primary School Sports Activities

Our coaches deliver sports activity days, with multi-sport activities delivered for all ages and abilities. These are often delivered with a multitude of local schools in festival formats.

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Camps At Schools

We have the ability, and experience, to run a camp at your school either exclusively for your students or the wider community. The school will host the camp, but we take it from there with our coaches running and managing the delivery.

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Rugby Teams Support and Coaching

Our coaches can run and coach your school teams, ensuring a positive and meaningful rugby experience at training and on matchdays. Our coaches are experienced in supporting state and private schools with both curricular and extra-curricular rugby coaching, offering specialist support with scrums, line-outs and kicking.

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We are experienced in delivering into a range of schools, including SEN, PRU and APS settings. With a range of support from one-to-one mentoring to group engagement sessions, our staff work with the schools in behavioural intervention aiming to support students by means of relationship building and physical activity.

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Improved Attendance

Several of our current school offers correlate with the reporting of improved numbers of attendance. With our approach to supporting learners both physically and holistically, it allows for our staff to coach the person and not just the player. By taking a more rounded view to people development, it gives the learner a greater chance to flourish in areas such as confidence, resilience, and character.

Behavioural Change

Our content and delivery are delivered with the Rugby Football Union’s Core Values placed at the very heart of it. Our focus on values such as Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, and Sportsmanship allows us to support learners through a myriad of personal challenges. Our schemes of work place the learner at the centre of what we do whilst incorporating the individual needs of each child.

Healthy Lifestyles

Supporting communities in engaging with, and then continuing healthy lifestyles is of the utmost importance and we are aware that a healthy lifestyle is not just about keeping active, but it is understanding and delivering on the importance of other areas such as mental health, nutrition and diets, along with socio-economic constraints.

Coaching Support and Education

For our communities to become self-sufficient and autonomous in leading healthy lifestyles, we recognise our role in educating and upskilling those we work with. We want to ensure that support networks such as staff and parents are offered the opportunities to engage in activity too, thus becoming micro-ambassadors for healthy living. As well as being role models, there is also the need for these support networks to help accommodate young people’s opportunities to live more physically active lifestyles, whilst for others it will be around education and guidance.

60 Minutes of Daily Exercise

We fully endorse and support the School Sport and Activity Action Plan’s recommendation of 60-minutes of physical activity a day. We believe in offering our learners a multitude of activities to help achieve this goal of 60-minutes, whilst also letting them explore their interests in a variety of multi-sports. This concurrently aids their development in a more rounded manner.


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