Improved Skill, Attitude and Behaviour

Supporting pupils to improve their skill, attitude and behaviour towards literacy and numeracy

Suitable For Everyone

Lesson plans and frameworks to suit a wide range of abilities

Indoor/Outdoor Learning

Combining the classroom with the sports field to achieve greater results

Wider Goal Planning

Enhance wider goal planning and areas for further support




An integral part of our Schools Offers over the last few years have been our literacy and numeracy programmes.

These are delivered in the full range of educational providers and focus on supporting the learner’s journey in upskilling their literacy and/or numeracy skills, while providing positive role modelling and mentoring throughout the programme.

Some of our programmes such as Maths and Mentoring, and Rugby Reading Champions also combine the classroom with the sports field, by offering practical delivery as part of the session. Whether it’s using sports fixtures, tables and results or finding the right book to benefit your learners, we offer an alternative way of engaging and supporting their development.

We work with the National Literacy Trust in delivering Rugby Reading Champions

– a literacy intervention developed by the charity to help targeted pupils improve their reading skills and attitudes and behaviours towards reading.

This 10-session reading intervention uses the theme of rugby union. 60-minute lessons support pupils’ comprehension skills and can be followed up with 60-minutes of fun games.

Coaches are trained by the National Literacy Trust to deliver activities and to act as mentors to the children. The charity has rigorously evaluated the programme, using reading tests, focus groups and surveys for practitioners and pupils, finding that pupils improve in their reading skills, attitudes to reading and reading behaviours. Evaluation also shows that the sessions impact on pupils’ general behaviour and confidence in class.

The National Literacy Trust, which has 

over 20 years of developing proven interventions, activities and resources that use sport to engage pupils, impacting positively on their reading skills, attitudes and behaviours, created these classroom session plans for trained coaches to deliver, and they are tailored specifically for the schools we deliver in.

All of our literacy and numeracy programmes focus on the Rugby Football Union’s core values of teamwork, discipline, respect, sportsmanship, and enjoyment. Each week, we focus on one of the values and ask for examples of how the learners have practised it in their week.

For programmes that link in with practical rugby delivery, the children do not just get to learn a new sport and enjoy it, but also develop new skills which increases their confidence, self-esteem, teamwork skills, and their strategic planning and thinking. 




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