Community Group started as a sports coaching company delivering sports coaching to schools. It has now evolved in a community engagement specialists and that is down to Matt Price’s journey through professional sport and professional coaching.

Our History

Matt Price had a extensive career as a rugby player, playing in the Championship and National Leagues. With over 450 appearances for Bedford Blues, Rugby Lions and Coventry Rugby. 185 appearances at Coventry Rugby over a 9 year period coincided with Matt starting a community department at Coventry. Within 5 years it was engaging with over 20,000 children across Coventry and Warwickshire and providing the club with over £150,000 of revenue. It was during this time that Matt wanted to reach out to other clubs to form and run community departments for the benefit of the clubs.


Matt says: “I wanted to support clubs with their finances and engagement, making it sustainable for years to come. Community engagement is perfect for this and it inspires the next generation of player, supporter, volunteer through delivering schools coaching. It is a simple but effective way of generating sustainable revenue streams through engagement.” Matt continues: “Through our programmes, especially how we deliver them, and the relationships we build are key to providing sustainable revenue and growth into the clubs. I am proud that all of our partner clubs are positive on both fronts.”