Improved Reading Skill

On average, pupils progress by 4.9 months over
10 weeks

Confidence in Literacy Delivery
100% of trained coaches told us they “have increased confidence in their ability to deliver literacy activities”
Improved Reading Attitudes
90% of pupils say they now think reading is “fun”
Introduction of a New Sport
Introducing children to a new sport, in which they are able to learn new skills and develop their knowledge
Improved Reading Habits
78% of students say they now read in their free time
Pupil Confidence & Skills
Making friends, and developing new skills can be a powerful tool for increasing confidence and self-esteem. This programme also helps develop children’s teamworking and communication skills along with reading – both highly transferable life skills
Improved Life Skills
Using the RFU’s core values – Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline & Sportsmanship


Better Lives & Futures
A combination of good mental health, supportive social networks, and personal confidence can impact individual life chances. Our project helps to build a strong foundation from which our participants can approach the rest of their lives with, no matter their circumstances.




Community Group are working with the National Literacy Trust in delivering Rugby Reading Champions – a literacy intervention developed by the charity to help targeted pupils improve their reading skills and attitudes and behaviours towards reading.

This 10-session reading intervention uses the theme of rugby union. 60-minute lessons support pupils’ comprehension skills and can be followed up with 60-minutes of fun games. Coaches are trained by the National Literacy Trust to deliver activities and to act as mentors to the children.

The charity has rigorously evaluated the programme, using reading tests, focus groups and surveys for practitioners and pupils, finding that pupils improve in their reading skills, attitudes to reading and reading behaviours. Evaluation also shows that the sessions impact on pupils’ general 

behaviour and confidence in class.

A carefully selected list of diverse and engaging books is included in the Rugby Reading Champions box – which also includes high quality reading journals, certificates, stickers and more – supporting schools and children to continually use the resources after the programme. Extremely important in sustaining long-term development and interest.

The National Literacy Trust, which has over 20 years of developing proven interventions, activities and resources that use sport to engage pupils, impacting positively on their reading skills, attitudes and behaviours, created these classroom session plans for trained coaches to deliver, and they are tailored specifically for the schools we deliver in.

The children learn and practise how to

skim read text to find an answer quickly, find clues and evidence to support their answers and learn how to apply their own personal response, thoughts/feelings, and opinions to the relevant texts. They have also discovered new and different genres of books they would not usually enjoy.

We focus on the Rugby Football Union’s core values of teamwork, discipline, respect, sportsmanship, and enjoyment. Each week we focus on one of these and ask for examples of how they have shown these in their week.

In the tag rugby session, the children do not just get to learn a new sport and thoroughly enjoy it, but they have also developed new skills which increases their confidence, self-esteem, teamwork skills, and their strategic planning and thinking – with many saying they would like to carry on playing at a local rugby club.




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