NEARLY 400 Stourbridge Rugby and Bournville Rugby members remained active throughout January by competing in a Strava challenge.

Our partner clubs went head-to-head over the fitness app in the first Community Group Midlands Cup with over 15,000km logged.

Stourbridge claimed victory with an impressive total of 8,453km to Bournville’s 6,907km.

However, the primary reason for the challenge was to encourage people to remain active in compliance with the lockdown regulations, recognising the physical and mental benefits of exercise while competing for their clubs.

Stourbridge Rugby Head of Community, Chad Thorne said: “This challenge has been amazing. It’s led to teams within the club doing their own – it’s motivational and being part of a group makes you accountable. We’ve had some great stories with one member now applying to do a half marathon, so it’s good to see it has helped a lot of people.”

Bournville Rugby Head of Community, Steve Johns added: “Congratulations to #TeamStourbridge on your win! Hopefully everyone that has taken part will have developed a great exercise habit that will continue long after this challenge. Well done everyone for getting involved!”

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